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E.ON UK Switches Kids On To Energy Experience

One of the biggest ever education programmes has started recently with the launch of the E.ON Energy Experience Website.

Flyers promoting the innovative scheme - which aims to help cultivate an energy literate generation, are being mailed to schools.

Several communications initiatives have been developed alongside the E.ON Energy Experience programme to help promote the scheme and encourage take up amongst both schools and parents. The first ever energy-themed nursery rhyme has been commissioned by E.ON UK to open up the debate about the correct age to start introducing youngsters to energy awareness.

You can download the nursery rhyme for free [from here] - once at the site do a right click and save as.

It is hoped that radio stations across the country will play the nursery rhyme to their listeners and the feedback from nurseries and parents to this pre-school initiative has been really positive, with even the very youngest being able to appreciate simple concepts like switching off to save energy.

E.ON UK will report on the amount of energy used by footballers during a 90-minute match and relate this to the energy used by the average household. The company will also highlight the increase in energy consumption of the ‘New Power Generation’ as compared to children in the 1970s. With the average child’s bedroom now housing TVs, DVD players, computers and games consoles, the cost of raising a child in terms of energy consumption has rocketed over the past 30 years.

To view the Primary School resources simply log into

Classroom packs of teaching materials are also available for each of the four age groups and if you know of a school that would be interested in taking part you can request a pack via their website.