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Extract from my Policy Manual


Accident Policy

All information in my accident/incident and medication books are CONFIDENTIAL and are kept in a safe place. All details that are kept on record are saved for a minimum of 2 years.

Accident Record Book

As soon as a childminding contract has been signed, the accident record book must be filled in with the name of the child, their date of birth and parent(s) permission for the childminder to seek emergency medical assistance/treatment if required. This section must be signed.

If an accident or incident involving injury to a child in my care (no matter how minor) the rest of the form will be filled in as soon as possible by me.
With the date and exact time of the incident, a description of what has happened and whom was involved, details of any injury, how the injury was treated and by whom, and the condition of the child following the accident. The report will then be signed by me and the parent to indicate that they have seen the report and the parent keep a carbon copy for their records. A new form will then be filled out for future use.

Existing Injuries

This section of the record book should be used to record any injury, no matter how minor, sustained by a child that I care for when they WERE NOT within my care.


Full Details can be found in my Policy Manual