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Extract from my Policy Manual

Fire Evacuation Plan

In the event of a fire I would carry out the following actions:

Stay calm and keep the children calm.

Gather the children together; any child that is unable to walk will be carried to the group.

As a group we will make our way to the nearest SAFE exit (any child unable to walk will be carried).

I will wait until everyone is safely out of the building and will dial 999 using my mobile or cordless telephone.

Once we are all out of the property we will stand away from it until emergency services have arrived.

I will then contact parents and let them know what has happened.

Priority will also be taken into ensuring that escape routes are kept free from trip hazards.

I also carry out random fire drills with the children so that if a REAL fire did occur the children wouldn’t panic. We would carry out the same procedure as above.



Full Details can be found in my Policy Manual