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 What's new

February 2018

I have pleasure in announcing that I have now been accepted on to the Derbyshire Free Entitlement Funding Scheme

Please click here to visit my page giving further details and information of the scheme.

September 2017

I have been told that to increase the popularity of this website it is a good idea to have a Facebook page.

Please note that I DO NOT share ANY photographs of the Children I care for on any Social Media.

Please click here to visit my Facebook Page

August 2017

Unfortunately due to computer error access to manage the website was lost. This has now been regained and the website is being updated again

March 2011

Tesco for Schools and Clubs 2011 launched

This week sees the launch of Tesco for Schools & Clubs 2011, with vouchers in all stores from for 10 weeks.

Please click here to visit my Tesco Vouchers Page
You can also visit the Tesco Page from there to see how many we have collected so far.

November 2009
I have been offering music lessons for a long while now and specifically offer Electronic Keyboard lessons. I have decided to put a section around what I offer on my website. Note that this is an additional service than offered as a childminder and is available to everyone.
Please click here to visit my Electronic Keyboard lessons home page.
August 2009

I have recieved the Ofsted Outstanding Childminder Information Pack - which contained a lovely letter from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector - congratulating me on my exemplary judgement. Included in the pack was the official Ofsted Logo that I am now proud to be using along with all the guidlines for it's use which I will stick too.

I hope you all like the positioning of it on my Website.

May 2009

I have had the results from my Ofsted Inspection and was awarded OUTSTANDING.

I am over the moon with this result and have work really hard to attain this award from Ofsted. I am now in the top 3% of Childminders who have been awarded with Outstanding under the New System that was recently introduced.

My Husband is happy as now he has the task of reworking this website with all the OUTSTANDING logo's that Ofsted provide - but we have to wait for a Guidance pack that they provide telling me how and where my awarded Outstanding Logo can be used.

March 2009
Busy Bees Childcare Vouchers and Childcare Voucher Schemes
I am willing to accept Online payments from Parents using the Childcare voucher schemes. Find out what are they all about and easy to understand information on how Childcare Vouchers work so you can decide whether they are right for your family and circumstances. Please find a links on my External Links Page
August 2008

The Early Years Foundation Stage has been introduced. I have been using this framework for a while now, however my Husband has not got around to reflecting this on the website. Over the next few months you will notice more changes to this website. These changes will hopefully give you a greater understanding of what the EYFS is about.

In the meantime please visit for more details

April 2008

I have not had a major update on the site recently so thought now was a good time - being 1st of April and all that! I have added a new Guestbook page which is the same as before but now embeded into the main site please visit the page HERE

- and no it is not an April fool!

November 2007

The rules regarding Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) on childcare has changed recently you can now claim up to an extra 10%. The maximun allowance is now up to 80% of you childcare costs. Please vist MY PAGE which explains a little bit more.

Can I also suggest you read the leaflet provided by HM Revenue and customs website HERE

April 2007

Thought I might add a photo of the Derbyshire County Council Library Van visiting Little-Sparkles Click Here to view the photo on our Mobile Library Page.

If you need to find out more about The Derbyshire County Council Mobile Library Service - visit the Derbyshire Mobile Library Service Site HERE

January 2007

Thought I might try a bit of Flash animation on the little-sparkles website. You can see it above (the text Little-Sparkles in yellow that moves) I haven't added alot as I feel that too much animation can detract from the professionalism shown on the site.

If you need to find out more about Adobe Flash Animation - visit their site HERE

December 2006

Derbyshire Mobile Library Service have just agreed to stop outside our establishment - which is great news for the Children.

I have created a page which will provide you more information about The Derbyshire Mobile Library Service CLICK HERE to visit my page.

Alternatively visit The Derbyshire Mobile Library Service Website for more details.

November 2006

I have added a search facility to the main page of this site.

This service is courtesy of Google and to allow me to do this they have given me some adverts which should relate to the search criteria (and this site).

Try out the new facility to find information relating to our site. However beware that the Ads go to external links and are not part of this site.

This is for a trial period only and if I am unhappy with the service It will be withdrawn.

October 2006

E.ON UK have switched on a Kids Energy Experience Website.

I have added a page which gives you more information relating to this topical subject. More information relating to this project can be found HERE.


September 2006

I have added a new Car Seat Safety Page which relates to the latest change in the law regarding Children wearing seatbelts.

Please find a link to the page here.


August 2006

I recently had a request from Ofsted to remove their Ofsted logo from this web site.

I had not realised that permission was needed to use it - even if it was only used to provide the people this website is aimed at a useful link to the Ofsted website.

I removed all traces of the Ofsted logo from my site immediately and have confirmed that I no longer use their logo on my site.

I am pleased to see that they were quite understanding about the miss use of the Ofsted logo - as long as it was removed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ofsted for being so understanding.


June 2006

I have added the latest extracts from my OFSTED REPORT to this web site.

I am very proud to say that my childcare has been deemed by Ofsted as GOOD.

This is very good news and there are probably hundreds of childminder's out there who would like to have a similar report.


April 2006

I have added some additional Childminder's from various areas on my Recommended_Links Page

In the Long term I am planning on providing a Map of the UK with various links to all the childminder's I come across.

Note to other Childcare providers - If you would like your site to be added please contact me.


February 2006

You should now be able to use Google Local to view my listing and other Childminder's in my area - take a look using the Link to Google Local provided on my Welcome Page.


January 2006

We have now been given the approval of the BBC to include their Newsround roundup! You will find this on our Welcome page. has now been redesigned and hopefully looks / feels a whole lot better - the colour scheme has changed and site navigation improved.

You will never guess what I bought my husband for christmas - YES a book all about web sites


December 2005

We now appear in Google - this is a milestone in it's own right why not have some fun and play the google game?

Try and find little sparkles using the least number of words - don't cheat and put - It's a good game to play during your lunchtime!


November 2005 established on the world wide web - offering affordable home based quality childcare that meets you and your child's needs.